Nutribullet Customer Service

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Hello all - I have seen all the negative posts about the customer service of Nutribullet... I just wanted to say I did have a problem with mine, the main blade unit mysteriously chipped on the inside. 

I called them at 855-346-8874.  Had alot of trouble getting through, would ring once and then go to busy signal, all day long.  Tried the next day and got a recording, they have a service that calls you back instead of making you wait on hold, which I appreciated very much. 

When they called me back that same day, they were very helpful and the person I spoke to was also a Nutribullet owner.   They fed-exed me a new main blade unit.   I am very satified with my Nutribullet and happy with the customer service that was provided to me.  :))

So good to hear a positive customer service experience! :)
i have not had to call Nutri Bullet customer service for anything , but would like to point out that I will go outta my way for great customer service & will TELL EVERYBODY what great experiences i have had AND WILL CONTINUE TO BUY from a company that VALUE'S ME AND MY TIME !
Has any one had difficulties when ordered accessories? I have placed an order twice now and it is sitting in a pending status for 3 days and now they say they do not have a record of me or my order. It is for one of the books and am disappointed that it even takes them so long to answer my messages. I have been a Customer Service Professional for over 30 years and would never keep a customer/client/patient waiting like this as now I have to wait again for the response to my second message to them. Mariana
Hi Mariana, Please check yourHi Mariana, Please check your personal message. Thank you.