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Charles C.
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Spinach is One of My Favorites

By Ch4rles
with apologies to Kenn Nesbitt…

Spinach is now one of my total favorites;
I savor each wonderful gulp.
I drink it each day
served every which way.
Enjoying the nutritious pulp.

And yes, I like collard greens, celery and kale,
and all kinds of peppers and shoots.
And beets, when they’re blended,
Are quite recommended
Our most flavored, and colorful, roots.

I savor each leaf, every seed, every sprout;
Each plant of the vegetable ilk.
They become flavor Blasted
When nutrition’s extracted
And mixed with fresh coconut milk.

Bananas and apples and kiwis and strawbs,
Have their place in my smoothie concoctions
Those fruits make it sweet
And the meal is complete
When they’re washed to remove any toxins.

My life is now better thanks to my Nutribullet
All those nutrients once locked away
Are now mine for the taking
My taste buds are waking
It’s the dawn of a healthy new day.

Very clever!!
LOL I Love it!!!!!!
Love this! :)Love this! :)
Love this :-)
great job!! lol
Hey that's very good!!