NutriBullet RX leaked all over

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Melodie B.
Joined: 2/23/2014

I bought mine a little while ago but didn't really have a chance to take it out and use it until today.  Put all ingredients in (it was not overfilled) stuck it on and it wobbled off the motor.  I have smoothie all over the place, it's leaking out of the blade so I'm assuming the rubber ring popped out but the blade is stuck on the cup so tight I can't get it off.  Any suggestions on how I can get it off the cup?  Perhaps I'm not strong enough.  Funny how I didn't have any problems whatsoever with the original NutriBullet (I got the blue one) but I have problems with the brand new one the first day I try to use it.

try using the wrench that comes with RX. very helpful in removing the blade unit.
So that's what that thing was for, I couldn't find my guide that listed everything. Still can't get it off. I even held it with both hands while my boyfriend used both his hands on the wrench then we switched places because I couldn't keep the cup in place since he's stronger than me. It won't budge. I guess I'll have to call Customer Service.
good luck . let us know what they say the problem is. ive owned all 3. the 600 900 and now the RX. the 600 and 900 had minor gasket seal problems as many others here have had also. but so far my RX has worked perfectly. but i beleive using the wrench included in the RX is necessary. pressure does build up in the unit while blending. and slowing removing blade unit with wrench does help keep seal in place.
I am having the same problem only the leaking happens when I make soup. The top portion of the lid leaks. The first time it happened I thought I might have over filled the container. I just tried it again and sure enough. . .soup everywhere :( The worst part is that it filled the base and now I have soup leaking out of the bottom of the unit.
Be sure to use the wrench when attaching and removing the blade assembly. If you've noticed leaks, call Customer Service for assistance. They'll be glad to help. You can reach them at 855-346-8874, everyday, from 9-8pm EST.