Nutribullett with sippy lid.

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Kathleen W.
Joined: 11/26/2013
Is there any way you can make a lid for the NutriBullet cups that
has a straw hole so when you are on the go you can have a closed lid with a
straw so your shake doesn't spill out?  Or maybe even a sippy spout that
opens and closes?   I would purchase a few if you were to make them
available.  I love my Nutribullet and would love to have a Lid that closes
but you can sip from while out and about....  Thank you
I'd like that too - I have the "Magic Bullet" and it has a lid that you can travel with - flip open one end and you can drink on the go - would like anything that you can use to travel with
Trixie and RevMichael, ITrixie and RevMichael, I purchased a 3 pack of silicone re-usable straws for about $5.00 from the department store. (Tar...) i have used the spout for on the go and found that if I transfer my Blast from the tall cup to the regular size the straw works great. You can actually bend it in while the cup is closed then pop it out when ready. Has worked great for me. Hope this helps.
I suggested this quite a while ago. I see that they have such a lid for the new, larger nutribullet, but not for the regular one yet. C'mon nutribullet; how about it.