NutriLiving Focus Group Members!

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Lauren A.
Joined: 1/11/2013

Hello fellow Focus Group Members out there!

I just wanted to create this topic to give the 25 focus group members a place to chat about our experiences! We all wrote great submissions on the original blog post that helped us be chosen for the focus group, so I'd love to keep the momentum going!

I've tried to search for you all on NutriLiving to add as friends, but it's tricky to find people since it searches by username, not first and last name! If you are out there and you read this, comment on this post so we can friend each other!

Looking forward to living healthier with all of you!

- Lauren

PS - And just so we know who everyone is, here's the list of focus group winners from the NutriBullet Blog:

  1. Danielle
  2. Janelle
  3. Stephani Lammi
  4. Lauren Anderson (that's me!)
  5. Susette
  6. Tracy Bates
  7. Kelly Gajewski
  8. Dina S.
  9. Kathie Gritton
  10. Suzanne
  11. Pat Lawson
  12. June Fariss
  13. Robin Salazar
  14. Crystal H.
  15. Brenda Daniel
  16. Jenny Anderson
  17. April
  18. Creighton Lovelace
  19. Sharon T.
  20. Danielle P.
  21. Cheryl
  22. Lori Hoffman
  23. Eve McGee
  24. Kelly Goodwin
  25. Lisa Pauly


I was one of the winners! Since winning, I've made it a habit to have a nutriblast each day, and have even convinced a co-worker to do the same! We both have lots more energy!