Ok to use frozen berries?

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Alan U.
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Where I live, quality fresh berries/fruits are not always available. Is it ok to use frozen fruit in recipes that call for mixed berries?

I only use frozen berries. I believe that they contain more vitamins than the fresh ones because since they were frozen right after being picked up, the vitamins did not have time to degrade. It is a different story with the ones you buy fresh at the supermarket. Who knows how long ago they were picked up? Frozen berries are very convenient. The only minor issue is that they can turn your blast into a frozen yogurt and the Nutribullet might have struggle a bit. If so let them sit in the cup for 15 minutes before blasting. Cheers
I put the frozen berries right in as is. It helps to make a nice cold drink. if it's too thick because of the cold fruit, i put half in the other cup, add more coconut water to each and "blast" again. Actually, for the first time yesterday, I added more coconut water and just stirred it with a spoon. It was great. I agree with Laurent63 as far as being healthier. Same holds true for veggies and fish (believe it or not). Flash frozen right after harvest keeps in all the nutrients.
I use frozen berries and other fruit all the time. Also, I purchase them raw and then wash and freeze them myself, especially bananas and pineapple. Makes the smoothies cold and easier to drink.