One or two servings

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Donna R.
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With the large cup filled to capacity with ingredients. Would this be considered one or two servings. I always half it with my huband and I only fix the drink once in the morning as a meal replacement.

Each of us have different calorie/nutrient needs and stomach capacity so it really is dependent on you and the ingredients you include in your NutriBlast (some foods are more filling than others). Most people use a tall cup as a meal replacement and the short cup for a snack. However, if you are making nutrient and calorie dense NutriBlasts then a half of a tall cup might be enough for you. Just be sure you are getting your daily recommended intake of calories/protein/fat/carbs/vitamins/minerals when considering all foods eaten during the day. Your husband more than likely will require more calories/food each day.
Krista, Can we save theKrista, Can we save the leftover juice from the large cup for the next day and get two servings for two days?
@thecatdp: I always recommend@thecatdp: I always recommend to drink it within 12 hours - 24 max. The longer it is exposed to light/air/ heat, the more the nutrients degrade and flavors change. Maybe you'd want to use the smaller cups if you can't finish it? If saving it, place the airtight seal on the cup and put it in the fridge. You may wish to transfer it to a smaller container so that less air gets in the cup.