Open Heart Surgery, need low vitamin K diet for my DAD

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leonardo u.
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My Dad, he had open heart surgery a few years back, and even though he is in love with the idea of juicing or even using the nutribullet, he is very afraid bc he has to live the rest of his life using the anticoagulant COUMADIN. As he tells me, bc of it he needs to have a diet with as low vitamin K as possible, and most greens has vitamin K. How can he live a healthier life with no greens in his  diet?Please, any info u have on this case would be great, I want him to live many more years. What kind of juices can he make or smoothies, or recipes.
I love my nutribullet, it changed me, and I want it to change him also.
Great Question! You areGreat Question! You are correct, a lot of leafy greens and veggies contain vitamin K. They also contain a myriad of other beneficial nutrients so we don't want to shun them completely. The most important thing for those taking any blood thinning medication is CONSISTENCY. Yes, as long as you are constantly eating the same amount of foods containing vitamin K on a daily basis (but not excessive amounts)...then your Dr. will know the right dosage of Coumadin to prescribe. Please discuss this dietary change with your Dr. and work with him to help find the right balance. In addition, you can change up the recipes for some and replace the leafy greens with other veggies lower in vitamin K. Here are two great links that shows the vitamin K content of various foods.