Pacific NW

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Ali H.
Joined: 12/11/2014
Hi all! I am from the Portland Metro area. New to the NutribulletRx. So far, I'm enjoying what I have tried. My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I am Nutriblasting in hopes of avoiding that same. I am interested in getting healthy, feeling better and loosing some weight. I am very interested in recipes so feel free to send me some of your favs. ~ Cheers!
Welcome to the NutriLiving family :)
I too am from the PNW...but a little farther north from you. I live in Woodland, WA. I also received the Nutribullet as a xmas gift. So far I have been using it daily for breakfast. Tomorrow I am going to try out the turmeric and see how that tastes. I am hoping to get rid of some lower back pain that I have been dealing with for about a month! I have only used kale and spinach so far as my leafy greens...hoping to branch out a try something new soon. I did try ginger root and was pleasantly surprised. I have also incorporated flax seeds and am going to try sunflower seeds and chia seeds next. Good luck to you!!