Potential Nutribullet problem that I need to buy part for...

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I have posted on Facebook and been ignored, and I sent a support request via email but not heard back yet, so I want to pose this question here. I have a new Nutribullet Pro that I think I accidentally chipped some of the gear spokes on today (the clear plastic gear in the top of the base) by lifting the container off too quickly after blending. How do we order and buy some of the clear plastic gears that sit in the top of the base? I do not want to send this in already for something that I could probably change myself if I could order the part.

I doubt that Nutribullet is going to send you any parts for it as it doesn't look as though you can just take it apart and fix it... Does it still work?? If so, just go with it as is and be careful that you let it stop before removing the cup... (Directions do tell you to wait....)
Call their customer service line. They probably will have to replace the base.
Yes, I am aware of what the directions state. It was an accident in a moment when I looked away because my attention was diverted. There is a video on You Tube showing clearly how to take these apart,mand there are gears for the older Magic Bullet for sale all over eBay. I have tried to call customer support several times over the last 48 hours or so, and all I get on two separate numbers is a constant busy signal. That is why I am trying to reach support through other means.