powdered turmeric

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Katrena C.
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i can not find fresh turmeric will i get the same benefit from using powdered turmeric vs fresh ? what should i look for when buying the powdered version ?
Yes, you can use ground turmeric. Choose organic if possible.
I am using now every single day 2 glasses of 1teaspon Turmeric with water mixing, drinking every single day 2 glasses of this incredible drink ! I Truly hope my entire brain will improve ! Turmeric can heal damaged brain tissue? right? thats what I read, then I also try to consume coconut oil, 1 eating spoon every day, usually together with 1 glass of Turmeric! I hope this will work! what do u think Krista? trying to improve ur brain with Turmeric and Coconut oil? every day forever I think now, it should have good effects!