pregnancy smootie

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hello guys my best friend is 28 weeks pregnant a high risk pregnancy her iron levels are low. so i want to make her a smoothie that will boost her iron levels anyone got any ideas what i could put in? i cant use bananas. thanks guys x
Hey there! While there are foods that contain iron, it may be difficult to reach a level to where she is no longer iron-deficient without a supplement. Since she is pregnant, I suggest she speak with her OB to help her find something that works for her. In the meantime, some foods that may be good to include in her NutriBlast or to consume with other meals are sesame seeds, cooked garbanzo beans (all beans are rich in iron), spinach, Swiss chard, cooked lentils, bok choy, asparagus, and organic tofu or soy. Add in some vitamin C along w/ the iron-rich foods to help absorb the plant-based iron. Here's a recipe to start with: