prepped bagged and frozen for on the go

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elaine p.
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Hi my big problem is commuting at ridiculous hours and not eating till hours later leading to snacking sugar level highs and lows and so the cycle starts. WELL NO MORE!!! Im so delighted on saturday I bought pineapples, apples, kiwis, honey dew melon, oranges and lemon. I opened up 8 or so freezer bags, chopped up the fruits and filled the bags with a mixture off everything. So today monday I grab a bag, grab my bullet, throw in a banana some dried goji berry linseed mix water and im away - delicious so nice infact I grabbed another bag and blasted up another batch for my hubby and daughter! I have a glass while im getting dressed and take a cup to work with me with - get this salad including a jar of hummus and a jar of salsa woo hoo!!! Im so not missing being bloated and mentally miserable when the choc finds it was in to my stomach!!! Prep is the key for me. Day 6 bring it on!!!
So excited to hear this, ellyp! Keep it up. Feeling great is the best reward!
I did this also along with the fruit, I cut of Kale and spinach and also used Beet leaves and froze it all.. and just add some and go..