Pulpy Juices

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Simone S.
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Hi all, 


Just bought my Bullet this week and have been enjoying my breakfast smoothie with fruit, almond milk and pea protein.  I also take a veggie juice with me to work for a mid morning snack.  My question is, how can i make the veggie juices have less pulp - this morning i tried to juice carrots, apple and ginger together but it turns out to be choppy and thick even though i'm adding the water up to the MAX line.  Do i need to blast for longer??  

What am i doing wrong?  Need to make them more enjoyable to drink!! 




It looks like you chose some fibrous ingredients for that one! Including produce with higher water content is an option in addition to having some type of binding ingredient in there (think banana, avocado, chia seeds, nuts and nut butters!) This helps create a smooth consistency. Another thing to try is to drink a bit out of the cup, then screw on the blade again for another round. This frees up some space in the cup for the ingredients to circulate and become more finely pulverized.