Question about epson salt soak following cleanse

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Theresa G.
Joined: 4/16/2013

 I realize the importance of the epson salt soak . My situation is, I have had severe injury to both legs, whick does not allow me the mobility to drop down into the tub to do the soak. Are there any other ways that I can get the additional detox benifits that a soak would provide? I live alone so having 'help' to get in and out of the tub isn't an option.

Just a suggestion can you just soak your feet in a basin of water with Epsom salts, I do that after long runs sometimes and that feels so good.
Great idea Jeepyj! Deep breathing, a sauna or steam, or a massage are also good ways to enhance a cleanse.
Thank you for your help.
Thank you Jeepyj for your help