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Peggy Lee L.
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Hi everyone! I just bought my Nutribullet tonight!  I am sooooo excited! I have soome question tho... But before I asked these questions, a little bit about me..

I had to have all my teeth removed because of bone disease and need to eat soft foods, but most soft foods are not so healthy and soups have ingredients I cannot chew. Yes, I have dentures, however, I cannot eat with them! So frustrating! So I am hoping that the Nutribullet will give me the nutrients I need to be healthy and lose weight. You would think that by having no teeth would help me lose weight on it's own, but eating a bunch of starches because I can't chew is not cutting it!

So here goes and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I see broccoli on the cover on the user guide & recipe book, however, I don't see any recipes containing broccoli? (and carrots too.) Any idea's. I would like to do mostly greens and nuts... (I want a low carb diet) Speaking of nuts... should I "Mill" the nuts before introducing them to the core ingredients? Also, can I put cooked meats, like chicken or fish into the Nutribullet? Gosh I miss all the veggies, nuts and meats I can't eat anymore! Also, asparagus. Should I just experiment and shut up! Some of these ingredients I have never heard before..I'm gonna need some help at the store...should I get some ingredients at the vitamin store? or does a general grocery store carry all these items?


Anyway, thank you for listening and any feed back will help me.


Hi. I'm new also but am finding it relatively easy shopping for food. If you remember the rule of 50% green leafy and 50% other vegs and fruits, well it simplifies things for you. First time I used nuts I milled them but no longer feel it is necessary. Last thing in the jar so first thing to be blasted. I have to shop economically so that means whatever is on sale, sorta. Started out with rappini, pears, banana and either almonds or sunflower seeds. Now I like to keep my fruits separate for a fruit smoothy. Am looking forward to more seasonal foods as the weather warms. Now I do rapini, spinach and kale, some cauliflower and nuts and then do the fruits as a separate smoothy (I treat it as a treat). Read up on lots like what seeds you can NOT eat and ones that are beneficial. Have also added bright red bell pepper, oranges and I'm sure whatever I can find. I'm used to doing all my monthly shopping together but must now learn to shop more frequently to keep the foods fresh. I have mega bone and teeth loss and find it hard to chew sometime, somethings.I'm pretty sure that one of my main problems is absorbtion but I find I'm not hungry right after 'eating' my nutriblast and I'm hoping I get energy benefits. I don't know about meats but I can't see a problem if they'll break down in the nutribullet. I plan on eating somethings on the side. So be brave, be creative, read your guide book, I don't follow the recipes yet, I just go by 50\50 rule and create. Daizee
Welcome Peggylee! TheWelcome Peggylee! The NutriBullet can handle broccoli and carrots just fine. Feel free to add those to any of your Blast recipes. Broccoli is also great to sub in for some of the leafy greens, in addition to, or to replace the greens. Here's a good low carb article you may find useful! Feel free to just add the nuts in without milling them. As far as cooked meats go, we do not suggest this, however that doesn't mean it can't be done (especially for those who cannot eat them on their own). The only thing is that the NB requires that you add in some liquid so this may make the cooked meats less than desirable taste-wise. Asparagus - same as broccoli (just chop off the woody stems). Most ingredients can be found at health food stores while some of the superfoods may need to be ordered online. We carry some of them here: Have fun with it!! Experimenting is fun :)
I have a question. To beI have a question. To be prepared everyday and stay on this journey for better health can I freeze my already mixed toxin remedy ingredients. Or can I just freeze the ingredients defrost them and put them into the nutribullet every day wrote: I have a question. To be prepared everyday and stay on this journey for better health can I freeze my already mixed toxin remedy ingredients. Or can I just freeze the ingredients defrost them and put them into the nutribullet every day
Yes you can! Just note that some foods change in texture when frozen so this may or may not be an issue. I know several people who freeze everything in individual servings and it really does help them stick to it!!
Thank you so much for this information. And yes, I did not think about the meat and the adding of the water...kinda like baby food....yuck.. but I still may consider it.. Thank you again and have a wonderful day. Peggylee
Hi Daizee, It's great to hearHi Daizee, It's great to hear back from a newbie... great advice and I'm happy that I found someone that knows about bone disease and how tough that can be in so many ways... Thank you for sharing and best wishes. Peggylee