Quit Smoking

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hope l.
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I've heard that when a person quits smoking they should drink juice and water. I was just wondering has anyone used their Nutribullet in aiding smoking craving and/or a detox? Thanks in advance

Here's how I use my NB to cut a few hours of smoking out of my day. I stretch and do some deep breathing. Then I go for a good walk or run depending on the day. I live in an area that has a lot of good hills so, sometimes I feel like running and sometimes walking. Either way, I start breathing pretty heavy which is the point. When I get home I do not feel like smoking because I really need to breath and recover. That's when I go straight to the NB and start making a good healthy juice. I am fortunate to have organic produce delivered to my house weekly. There are a lot of cities that have these companies now so, do a search and look near you. It also helps save time if getting to a health food store is not convenient. Search for "Foods to help you quit smoking" and you will get plenty of great ideas as to which foods specifically are helpful. I use whatever produce I have at the time and add supplements like nuts and seeds plus a good quality super green powder. After indulging in this delicious juice I take some time and relax and recoup while feeling all the nutrients being absorbed by my body ! This whole process takes around 2-3 hours and I end up feeling much better. Plus I do not feel like smoking the whole time ! It's just a small step towards quitting...I hope this is helpful.