Raw Diet Debate

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Jimmy M.
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I read an article on MSN today (http://fitbie.msn.com/eat-right/tips/diet-trends-2012/tip/8) that makes a statement in direct conflict with a core NutriBlast principle.

Fruits and vegetables are great—and best when they aren’t pulverized. Eat them whole, eat them often.

I'm looking for any insight on this topic.

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Hi Jimmy! On a personal level, I know that with the NutriBullet I eat at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables by lunch time - then continue to eat more in "meal form" over the rest of the day. Before the NutriBullet, I may have had a piece of fruit with breakfast and a salad for lunch, but I NEVER consumed any where near the volume of fruits and veggies that I do now...and definitely not leafy greens like kale, wheat grass and swiss chard, which now I consume regularly. I'm sure Krista can respond re: the science behind all of this, but I think the fact that NB makes it so easy for me to consume 2 or 3 x the produce I was eating before is amazing. Happy New Year!!
jmiller256, The article thatjmiller256, The article that you are referring to is addressing a fully raw diet. I agree with them in that a healthful diet consists of both raw and cooked foods. The NutriBullet can help with both - NutriBlast a cold "smoothie" or liquify cooked veggies, heat, and consume as a soup! Regarding the part about pulverizing ingredients and eating them whole...there is research on the nutrient absorption and bio-availability of nutrients when consumed whole vs. blended. If you think about it - chewing foods is important to obtain more nutrition out of your food. The NutriBullet does the chewing for you! When the cellular walls are broken down, it is easier for the enzymes to make contact with the food and utilize the beneficial nutrients inside. If it is left un-chewed, it simply may pass all the way thru (think of un-chewed corn or leafy greens that end up in the toilet in whole form - sorry for any graphic images!) without providing any nutrition to your body. Where I can see this article going with this is that once the food is chopped/cut/diced/pulverized, the area is exposed to oxygen which starts to degrade nutrients. When pulverizing the ingredients in the NutriBullet cup, the air is blocked to prevent this from occurring. To retain the most out of your NutriBlast, I strongly suggest Blasting just before consuming, keeping it tightly sealed, store any left overs in a cold fridge and if made in advance, store it out of the light. These three elements are the nutrient destroyers. However, don't fear too much...the antioxidants in these super foods help reduce the amount of oxidation that takes place. Remember, you can't believe everything you read and sometimes the media distorts a particular message without justifying or explaining their claims. Let me know if you have any further questions!