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what is the best program to follow for clearing out severe osteoarthritis? Also, what other protein can I or should I add to recipes? I feel pretty "sugared out by theonly veg and fruit + nut recipes. Is it okay to add yogurt? Also in my other meals, is nonfat cottage cheese or cheddar cheese OK? I haven't eaten red meat for 40yrs.
Anything ending in -itis signals an inflammatory condition. Check out our top anti-inflammatory foods here: Loading up on bone-building nutrients is also a good idea (calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin D, plus others). Here's a good summary from Wally that also touches on dairy: Some good protein sources include beans (try some garbanzo beans in a Blast!), a plant-based protein powder (check out ours here: and hemp seeds. If you choose dairy, then be sure to get an organic Greek style or organic soy yogurt as these are highest in protein. Cheese can be high in sodium which leaches calcium from bones so I'd try to cut back that.