Recipe Book and it's measurements

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Maria M.
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This was a problem for me when I first got my Nutribullet....

I followed the recipe religiously. I measured the fruits and veggies according to the recipe's instruction. A cup of veggie greens and one or two cups of fruits of choice. Lo and behold I overflowed my TALL cup pass the Max-Line and I haven't even poured the liquid yet.

So here's my question: 

If I eyeball every measurement the recipe recommends do i still get the required daily amounts of fruits and veggies?

FYI: I had to cut down how many fruits and veggies I put in my tall cup just so I dont go pass the max-line. I've passed the line before only to have my Nutribullet leaked. So now I am cautious not to make the same mistake.

Thanks in advance!


My gripe with the Recipe book's method of measuring is that it gears towards a standard size blender not the kind of size the nutribullet has. It's inconceivable to put all that fruits and veggies in a tiny cup and i'm referring to the TALL CUP, at that.



Hello Maria - I understandHello Maria - I understand your concern and I agree that some of the recipes are hard to fit into the Tall cup without cutting them up a bit in order to fit nicely under the max line. In addition, produce can vary in size and one apple found in one store can be bigger or smaller than an apple found in another. In response to this concern, we are mindful about the NutriBlast recipes that are in creation now to ensure the measurements are simplified so it is easier to follow to a T. Please feel free to make adjustments and use the recipe provided as a template for ratios of the ingredients. The recipes are not based on an exact science so you will still reap the healthful benefits even if in smaller quantities. To obtain the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables as suggested by health organizations, it is important to also consume these wonderful foods in our daily meals in addition to in our NutriBlasts! The NutriBlasts make it a lot easier to meet your daily quota ;)
Are these recipes based on the tall or short cup? Thank you.
I just bought my nutri bullet and love it. I used to be a juicer and then would mix the left over pulp in with the blender. It wasn't great and lots of mess. My question is why are there not recipes for vegetables in the little booklet, it seems to be mostly greens and fruits. I know you can use vegetables in it cause I do, but some recipes would be nice. Also it says not to use milk, I have used skim milk in my fruits for the calcium. Milk doesn't hurt anything does it. I just got this machine a couple of days ago and I'm a big fan, I even made a vegetable soup with it yesterday.
Most of us blasters use the tall cup, but you can modify the ingredients to fit the same ingredients into the small cup. It is your choice!
ursy60, Feel free subursy60, Feel free sub veggies in place of fruits if you want a lower sugar NutriBlast! There is also a forum started for 100% vegetable recipes that you may want to take a look through. It is really up to you. Green drinks are new to most people and by combining leafy greens with fruits, this allows for a sweeter drink that can help those adapt to the bitter tastes of vegetables. It is a starting point. Once you become an experienced NutriBlaster as it sounds like you are :) then feel free to branch out and experiment.
Glad I found this post; I've had the same issue. I've been trying to stick to the recipes in order to "test the waters" before venturing out and making up my own but it always seems like they are super thick because the fruit goes over the max line. I want the liquid consistency seen in the infomercial. I just watched the latest video on the YouTube channel where David Wolfe makes the Toxic Cleanse Nutriblast and he didn't use a whole pear or a whole apple and only a few pieces of pineapple. So I can see why his looked so much better than mine. So it would seem the trick is to play with it and find what works best. That's just a lot of "test blasts" :-)