Recipe Remix Guide

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Joshua P.
Joined: 1/30/2014

So after signing up I browsed the website a bit. I realized the recipes page is lacking. On my own I created a java program that does this:

  1. Check off all "in stock" (ingredients at home) ingredients from the list of acceptable ingredients (used in recipes) based on specific categories (veggies, fruits, nuts, etc.).
  2. Generate all recipes that can be created based off these "in stock" ingredients and display for me to choose what I want to make next based off my needs (sleep, relatation, etc.).
  3. Suggest recipes that have only 1 ingredient short and create a "shopping list" based off these as suggestions to go out and buy next time at store.

I'm still working on this but I think it would be a great addition to the website. Anyone who is interested in getting a copy of it when finished let me know. It's not super clean and I suggest you have knowledge of running .JAR files. 



Sounds really cool! I'll pass this on to our tech guys :)
Thanks. I greatly appreciate it. Especially if they can port it to mobile. The next thing I was going to do was work on moving it to a mobile platform for android for all to enjoy on the go. I really think that is the next logical step.