Recipes for the "sweet tooth" :)

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Rex S.
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Hello everyone,


Apologies if this question has been asked (I skimmed through the forum and couldn't find it).


What powders, drops, flavorings can I add to the drinks to make it taste a little more "sweeter"? I have a hard time swallowing the bitter drinks, but also know the importance of the nutrional value.


Any suggestions?


Thank you!


Great Q :) Here are a fewGreat Q :) Here are a few things I love to add when my sweet tooth calls... - cinnamon - ripe banana - dates - figs - coconut water - a few drops of liquid stevia (here is my favorite brand: - vanilla powder or extract - yacon or lucuma powder ( - raw cacao (with some sweet fruit or some vanilla almond milk) - a touch of pure maple syrup or raw honey Enjoy!
Thank you Krista...this helps a lot :)