Researching weight loss and Liver health

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Chris T.
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So due to the liver is the bodies Fat metabolizer, try this blast evry other day for a month, and watch the waist go down:


Handfull Spinach - Folic Acid

1 Egg - N-acetylcysteine

2 tsp Tumeric- miracles of anti inflamitories

1 tsp milk thistle - liver lover

1 beet medium - blood lover

1 clove garlic - blood lover

1 piece ginger - blood lover

3 Tbsp non fat yogurt - vitain B 12

3 Tbsp Sunflower seeds - selenium - vitamin B6

1 small apple cored - vitamin c - fiber

Juice of 1/2 lemon - vitamin c

coconut water to max line

Get the liver up and running folks and the fat goes away, with proper diet, excersise and continued blasting you will see a dramatic change to your physique.