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Blue B.
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Run more. It's as simple as that... mostly. Of course, directly following that direction is a list that sometimes prohibits the simplicity. To name a few; lack of motivation, short on time, nagging injuries, getting sick, lack of motivation... Oh, did I say that one twice? Oops. So, here we have one of the most common internal battles of humankind... To workout and get moving... or not! 

Luckily we have two very convenient details going our way. The first one is, it doesn't take much activity to keep the human healthy. If you consider it takes about an hour a day of being active to keep our health in check, that's a pretty small chunk compared to the hours of sitting and eating and sleeping and... working!!! Yep, one hour... Man, we're one lucky bunch of funny furless animals trying to stay warm and happy and skinny!! 

So what's this number two, you ask? Ah, well that takes me back to the point of this whole thing.. Running!! Yeah, I know, crazy as it is, humans dont need ANYTHING to stay fit. If you walk out your door and begin moving at a faster and faster rate... Eventually, you will be running! And you didn't need instruction or technology or a lesson to do it. 

But of course there's that nagging list of excuses we keep in our back pocket. So I'm going to do you one more up and give you an expert's advice on just how to squash that pesky, and powerful, list. Here goes:

To motivate: join a running group. The accountability and commitment of being in a team atmosphere gets you moving when your will power wont. 

Short on time: work less! I know, it's sacreligious in the United States... But less work and more play is the fountain of youth my friends. And it's only ONE hour!

Nagging Injuries: try having your running form looked at by a professional. Any Newton Running Form Coach can give you a basic breakdown of simple improvements you can make. I'm happy to help you out here if you live in Los Angeles.

Getting Sick: Run anyway! Unless you have a fever or need to see a doctor, you may want to consider staying active through minor head colds. Stopping everything wont necessarily speed recovery. Be smart with this one, rest is very important, but luckily you have 23 other hours to do that each and every day!

Secret Weapon: So here it is... something to help you with every single excuse on this list. The secret weapon is a good diet. Since you spend so many other hours eating every day, make your choices healthy. This one thing will make you want to get moving and, yes... RUN MORE!!

For all other questions and concerns, address a professional in the matter... Oh wait, that's me! Oh yeah. Okay so, if you have any questions or concerns... let me know, I'm happy to help the world get out the door and run more!


-Blue Benadum

Great article Blue! I have to say one of the best tips you offer in this piece is the need for an accountability buddy or group. Having people to check in with, who are invested in your success is definitely important as you focus on reaching your goals!
Quite helpful!! thanks for helping us by sharing this