Salad Dressing Recipes

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Rocky H.
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Hello, I know all cooking oils (yes this incudes olive also) are very bad for you as they all contain 120 calories per tbl spoon with no nutritional value at all, so I'm hoping to find some really good recepies for salad dressing on here... so far there is only 1 I have seen. Lets get working on making great salad dressings without any oils at all. I know we can use fruits, veggies, figs, dates, nuts, seeds and vinagers to make healthy dressings! 

FYI, just love the nutribullet! so far lost 12lbs and feeling better already in about 3 weeks... Thank you :)

I love some good salad dressing recipes. I did a quick search for no-oil salad dressings on Pinterest which came up with some good ideas. I've noticed that seasoned rice vinegar is used in place of oil quite often. I wouldn't go as far as to say all oils are bad. Yes, they are calorically dense b/c they are pure fat, however these fats have been shown to provide protection to the heart and brain as well as lubrication in the body. I do not recommend a fat free dressing since we need a little bit of fat to help us absorb all those fat soluble vitamins in the salad! We are also noticing that even "saturated fats" once touted as horrible fats can be beneficial for us when consumed in plant form from oils such as coconut oil. Just be moderate with your intake and have fun experimenting with dressings with or without oils.
I have a recipe with Canola Oil Krista. What do you think? I also uses unsweet Applesauce...
robwestergard wrote: I have a recipe with Canola Oil Krista. What do you think? I also uses unsweet Applesauce...
Like all oils, canola is still a processed oil. The good thing about canola is that the majority of the fat is polyunsaturated which has shown to provide some heart health benefits. However, more than 80% of the canola oil available is made from genetically modified rapeseed.