shopped and skinned or not?

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I watched the infomercials many times before buying the nutibullet RX. They make a point of saying over and over to add whole fruits and veggies. When making the tomato Basil soup they put in whole tomato and a handful of cashews. Which would make this easy to whip up with little or no prep time. Now in the recipe book that came with my RX it says I must peel and chop the tomatoes and soak the cashews 8 hours. That makes the prep time 8 hours. How can it be advertised one way then after purshase be told something different?
You can do it either way. Chopping the tomatoes allows it to fit better in the pitcher and soaking cashews makes it a bit creamier...however it's good both ways!
Just got my bullet today from HSN. With all the complaints about the things breaking within 2wks to a few months, I plan to baby mine and chop stuff up. If it leaks, I assume its the seal. These have huge seal problems etc. So I hope I can keep it going.