Shredded Coconut?

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yasi s.
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Hello !

Yesterday I bought unsweetened shredded coconut in the hopes of re-creating the flavor & nutrients of coconut juice without spending $2 per large can. Unfortunately, it didn't add much flavor and it also didn't blend very well, as it had a weird consistency, even though I blended for 30-40 seconds.


I'm wondering a couple of things:


1. Has anyone used shredded coconut in their smoothies & been really enamoured by it?


2. Has anyone tried to make home made almond milk (recipe available here : search for almond milk) and added shredded coconut to it? I guess I'm trying to recreate the delicious subtle flavor of coconut juice, without the expense ....


Any advice & thoughts appreciated. I've also considered that I didn't give it a real chance because I was hoping for one outcome and I didn't get it right away....

Interesting experiment :) Maybe instead of using dried shredded coconut, try coconut meat (not sure if they sell this by itself, but can get out of a fresh coconut and maybe freeze what you don't use right away?) or coconut flour? These are all just suggestions, I've not done what you're trying to do. Let us know when you find a winner :) I have used shredded coconut in my NutriBlast, but it was in a dessert-like Blast with banana, cacao, almond milk, coconut, cinnamon, and spinach! Delish...
Yasiss, I love coconut andYasiss, I love coconut and use coconut water, coconut flesh and coconut oil in my blast. Just depends on the blast. The advantge of coconut water is it is low in calories becaus eit has no fat. I think it is going to be difficcult to replicate coconut water or juice. Because of the fat in the coconut flesh it is going to have a different texture than coconut water or juice. It will not matter if it is shredded or raw coconut meat. The water or juice from coconuts has no fat but is a good source of electrolytes and some vitamins as is the flesh of the coconut. If you find a way to make it work please let us know. Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thanks Krista & Wally for your comments! Well, I did try it when I made some almond milk -- I soaked my raw almonds over night, rinsed them & then threw them into a tall glass with water & shredded coconut. I blasted the mixture a couple of times. The next morning I used it in my mostly-veggie blast -- the liquid was quite thick. Thicker than I expected it to be & I had to add water to the smoothie to make it a good consistency to go through a straw. The flavor was ok -- I didn't use any vanilla or sweetener in the initial milk. The shredded coconut had thickened in the almond/coconut milk mixture over night. It wasn't bad by any means but it also wasn't reminiscent of coconut juice or almond milk either. Not sure that I'd make it again. I think I'll stick with coconut water and use the shredded coconut in the rare choco drinks I make when I'm having a sweet attack!