Simple super food "gardening"

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Eva R.
Joined: 4/19/2014

I am shocked there is no gardening or grow-your-own-food section in these forums.  Gardening and juicing can go hand in hand, so it seems like we should have a place to discuss ideas for cheaply and easily growing our own produce for juicing in our nutribullets.

Anyway, two easy and inexpensive ways to grow your own organic super foods for juicing, without the need of land or intensive gardening, are sprouting and growing microgreens.  Sprouting takes only days to get a harvest and growing microgreens takes less than two weeks to get a harvest.  Both can provide organic super foods for juicing in your nutribullet.  Both can be grown on your kitchen counter.  Both are inexpensive because you only purchase seeds, rather than mature produce.  Both are super foods because young plants hold more nutrition by weight than their mature counterparts.  Broccoli, for instance, is much more nutritionally potent at the sprouting or microgreens stage than as fully developed mature produce, and this especially includes the cancer-fighting nutrients.

Amaranth is another easy way.  Once it's growing in your yard or in containers, it takes very little work to grow.  The whole plant, from root to stem, is edible and can be juiced.  The seeds can be milled in your nutribullet for flour or sprouted on your countertop for juicing.  It's a fairly easy and maintenance-free way to grow your own organic  food without intensive gardening.



Thank you for the information Eva! This is what the NutriLounge is for :) There are so many wonderful topics that relate to health and wellness as well as food and nutrition...I'm glad you started this conversation!