Simple tips for weight loss!

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Wally Bishop
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Most people make losing weight much too complicated. It doesn't need to be. These are the pitfalls most people make when trying to lose weight.

  • Change your diet gradually-They jump right in and and totally change their diet to the extreme. They go from the typical American diet rich in processed foods to a very restrictive diet. Any time you make sudden change in your diet and lifestyle you highly increase your risk of failure. Make the change slowly. Instead of taking foods away try adding healthy foods to your diet. You will begin to crowd out the harmful foods with healthy foods. Replacing breakfast with a nutritious balanced NutriBullet blast is a great way to begin the change.
  • Stop Stressing about life and losing the weight.  Because we make it so complicated we get overly stressed. If you have stress from work or home you need to manage it or remove the source. Stress will make it almost impossible to lose much weight. In addition stress kills!
  • Eat enough calories-Many people begin by drastically cutting food intake thus calories too much. If you go below 1200 calories for more than a couple of days your body senses a famine has arrived and it lowers your metabolic rate to conserve energy. You can even gain weight if you cut calories to much. If you stay in a severe calorie reduction under (800 calories or less, like anorexia) you body shifts to the catabolic effect of starvation and your body will begin to consume muscle and organs for its nutrittion needs.
  • Drink plenty of water-Many will not drink enough water. It takes water to release and burn fat for energy. Water is so important for your health!
  • Exercise-if you are obese you can lose weight for a short time by just cutting calories, however that will eventually slow and then stop. You must move more. Exercise does many wonderful things for our body. One benefit is that it speeds up our metabolic rate causing us to burn more calories through out the day! Just walking is a great exercise. Increase your speed and time as your fitness and health improves. Before beginning any exercise program please consult with your doctor for their approval.
  • Stop weighing everyday! You weight can change up or down five or maore pounds in any given day. You will set your self up for disappointment by weighing all of the. Weigh your self every two weeks. Do it first thing in the morning immediatly after waking up and after your first urination.
  • Stop beating your self up! No body is perfect. Treats are allowed even unscheduled ones. The next time you eat make a healthy choice. Bashing your self will make you eat more.
  • DO NOT DIET!  It is our mindset to use the word diet and when we do we automatically set up in our mind that we will change our diet and lifestyle for a period of time and then come back home to that awesome food that got us fat to begin with. Plus because you have starved your body (both calories and nutrients) before, your body sense this and begins to subcontiously increase your desire for fatty and sugary foods. Sure you lose 30 pounds and then you gain 50 back. Dieting will only make you fatter one diet at a time! Think lifestyle change!
  • Use Your NutriBullet! Nutrition Nutritio Nutrition!!!!  When you body is getting loads of nutrients it begins to clean and detox getting rid of toxic materials you have stored for years. Your body does not like to let go of fat unless it can detox adequatly. Your body stores toxins in your fat. Depleted nutrient stores in your body get filled up and topped off. Then the bodies systems begin to come back into harmony with one another. Blood sugar begins to balance,cravings begin to disappear, energy improves, thinking improves, your hair and skin begins to glow. Your body starts regenerating itself to a new healthy one.

I hope this helps,

Healthy Wishes,

Wally Bishop C.N.C.

How long do you think it takes before the body starts detoxing? I realize it depends on the person and previous diet, but by adding two nutriblasts a day (of veggies and fruits not otherwise consumed) could we see a pretty rapid change or is it a slower process?
Ceciliak there is no way to know because we are all so different. However it's going to start on a cellular level fairly quickly. Some people will have detoxing symptoms such as allergy or cold like symptoms, a low grade fever, feeling tired, a little achy some even have a rash or two. The key is to just keep feeding the body very nutritious foods and the body will take care of cleaning. Green foods are very good for detoxing. Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thank you so much for this! IThank you so much for this! I started juicing a couple of months ago off and on, but never stuck with it because I would get sick and not know why. And now I know! Loving all the help I get from this site also. :) thank you
You are welcome. Keep it up! Please let us know how you are doing! Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thanks Wally! I've been blasting twice daily for the last month and have had a cold the last couple of weeks. Not sure if they are related but I'll keep at it! I've got about 10 stubborn pounds I'd love to lose and it seems like I just can't get there, but I'll keep these tips in mind! Cecilia
Hi Wally - I am looking for a decent program for weight loss but more importantly to embrace living on these shakes filled with fruits and veggies but I don't know how to get started - I like your idea of gradually pushing out the bad food by eating these shakes - do you have any recommendations for a food plan I can either buy as a book or see on-line? I appreciate your direction. My NutriBullet should arrive next week.
I get confused in what to put in my blast. I have been using it for over a month and have gained instead of loosing weight. can you give me a couple of blast for me to try. I don't know how much to put in and what to put in. can i get a blast i can follow.....
Davilyn wrote: I get confused in what to put in my blast. I have been using it for over a month and have gained instead of loosing weight. can you give me a couple of blast for me to try. I don't know how much to put in and what to put in. can i get a blast i can follow.....
Here are some great recipes:
Hello Wally, am new to this weight loss forum, I will like to know what to put on my blast for weight loss, or get some recipes!I don't know how to get started I appreciate your help......thanks
Luruiz please read this post it should help you. Also Sarah posted some great links earlier and here they are. Here are some great recipes: Kepp us informed of your progress Healthy Wishes wally bishop C.N.C.
How much juice should I consume in a day to loose weight?
Kooringal wrote: How much juice should I consume in a day to loose weight?
There is no standard answer to this question, everyone is different. It depends on your overall diet, your weight, your weight loss goals and your activity level. A good place to start is to replace one per day with a Blast. Most people are successful with replacing breakfast with a Blast! Here is a great weight loss forum that may give you more tips and tricks for weight loss goals:
I know this varies, but, what are the average calories in a nutri shake recipe? Estimate would be helpful.