skin rashes

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Lori S.
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I am fairly new to the nutriliving site.  I have been suffering from chronic skin rashes for over a year!  I have been to several doctors and they want me to have patch testing done.  I am transitioning jobs right now and I really can't afford to have the testing done just yet.  I have been on steriods several times and I currently use a cream on my rashes.  I am almost certain that it is an allergy to something in food.  A preservative or an additive.  I stopped using artificial sweetners and started using Stevia almost exlusively a year ago, so I thought that I might be allergic to Stevia.  I stopped using it a few weeks ago.  My rash almost cleared up! This week it has returned with a vengence!  I'm so dissappointed and frustrated!  Can you recommend a blast or blasts that will help with this rash?

Thank you! 

It's hard to recommend a Blast when we don't know exactly what the cause might be. I think you should keep a journal of what you eat and then when rashes appear - this might reveal a possible link. I'd suggest ruling out the main allergens including dairy, eggs, shellfish, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. If you eliminate these and the rash disappears, slowly introduce one at a time to see which one is the trigger. It may sound time consuming, but it may help detect the culprit. Another option would be to try some of these tips for skin health:
Over the summer I developed a case of periorbital dermatitis. I am taking doxycycline for it and I was using a glucocorticoid cream which I found it is contraindicated (although it seemed to be the only thing that helped). Any suggestions for a blast that would help? thanks