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socorro p.
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Hello there, my name is Socorro Pereda. I been suffering from chronic insomnia for over 10 years I dont know how I survived. 1.5 ago I started noticing hair thinning but now the thinning got worse. Is there something you can recommend to me or what fruits, how many times a day I take or what I should do? I took a blood test the doctor said throid is okay.

Hello Socorro! check this article I just found by mistake just before checking the forum, I guess it's true... everything happens for a reason :P
Today's feature focuses on your other concern...sleep! Check it out here: Also, type in "insomnia", "sleep", "beauty" or whatever else you are curious about into the search bar on the home page! We have recipes, healing foods, articles and forum discussions on several common topics such as these.
Action Plan for insomnia prevention
* Balance blood sugar levels
* Avoid caffeine
* Clean up your sleeping space
You first need to treat your insomnia first its the basic cause of your hairloss and other problems > a proper sleep is required for a healthy body .