Smoothie or juice

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paul w.
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Ok Now that I have had my nutribullet for awhile I have noticed what I saw in the TV info video is not completely true. When the part in the video shows where he extracts then pours thru strainer Iam getting some pulps or material behind more than whats advertised . Yes Iam extracting for 45 seconds to a minute .

The commercial lets you believe its turns it into a liquid not completely true .Yes I use enough spring water also and probably less fruits the last time I used it

 So I am beginning to think just a very effective advertising gimmick to sell a new version of an old product.

Hey Paul! Depends on the ingredients you use. I've definitely done the pour test and have gotten nothing left over in the strainer. Some ingredients, like blackberries and strawberries leave some seeds and sometimes apricots, apples, grapes, etc, leave a bit of skin. But the longer I keep the NB running, the more those disappear. I add more water and then they're absolutely turned into 'juice.' I like a thicker Blast, don't really like the juice consistency, but I've never had a problem. What ingredients are you using? Are you including skins you shouldn't be? Does 'less fruits' mean fruits below the max line? Water to the max line? Just wondering so we can help! :)
Great way to put it Laura! I totally agree!
If you want juice than Nutribullet isn't the one you need. Bottomline. When I blast with apples (red, green, fiji washington etc) sometimes the skin is still visible, although it's just specks. With the orange, even if it's peeled, the pulp is still there (grin and bear it if you drink it... besides, it's nutritious so i bear it with a grin). Same with grapes - but it's still drinkable. with Strawberries the seeds is still intact somewhat , i still drink my Blast regardless. The only thing I really dislike is blackberries. No matter how i extract it the seeds won't grind to a bearable consumption. Overall, the Nutribullet liquifies and blends leafy veggies, veggies, fruits and nuts/seeds to a drinkable state. a bit thicker than a juice because of the fiber and pulp but more liquid than a puree. If anyone has ever had a smoothie from a Health juice bar like Jamba Juice or Elixir you know what I'm talking about.