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jenn u.
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Hi I am trying to follow phase one in the book but when I make a smoothie all the ingredents are so much that I cant fir it all in the large cup and it makes so much how do I fix that   

I agree. So I have been making them in the pitcher and drinking the whole thing but I think that is way too much for a meal. correct? So if I save half for my next meal is it still good? How long can it sit in refrigerator and still be good?
Some of our earlier recipes are a bit large for the tall cup so use them as a guide to ingredient ratios and include what fits. For the Transformation Plan and all our recipes, we use the tall cup (unless otherwise noted). Feel free to drink it all for a meal replacement or just half for a snack depending on your dietary needs. If you can't finish it, then store sealed in the fridge. check out our FAQ#12 here: