Do dried spices offer as many nutrients as fresh spices?

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Robert S.
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Are dried spices as good as fresh for receiving all the nutrients available? Just me using the NB and I work on the road 7 days a week (i thoroughly enjoy driving the lower 48), so it is hard to purchase and keep spices and such fresh.
Hi. I am not sure what specific spices/herbs you wish to use. My one concern would be the properties of dry versus fresh. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) fresh ginger and dry ginger are different in that the dry ginger has a hotter nature than fresh ginger.

Fresh ginger (sheng jiang) is used to balance formulas, prevent colds through promoting sweat and aid digestion. Dry ginger (gan jiang) also helps digestion if it is caused by a "cold natured" condition. If the stomach or lungs are hot, dry ginger is contraindicated.

Dry ginger also warms the body = The two are completely different. We do not refrigerate fresh ginger, but keep it wrapped in dry paper. It does not dry out too fast but be careful of mold. For other herbs, we do use the dried versions of turmeric (jiang huang), goji berries (gou qi zi) and cinnamon (gui zhi, rou gui). I think nutrient wise, if the spices are from a reputable source, the nutrient value would be suitable for dietary needs.

Most cultures dry their cooking spices/herbs. In my practice of TCM and Taoist cooking, we never talk nutrients ... we only talk qi quality (properties) of food. I think if you could get a wooden box and some good dry paper (parchment) you could keep your spices fresh and nutritious. In good health, be well and travel safe!
Thank you for your valuable input MojoMoves! I love learning about Eastern Medicine :) Both fresh and dried contain potent nutrients so whichever is easiest for you!

Dried spices are great too - they are more concentrated so you'd use a bit less than if it were fresh. Usually it is a tsp dry = 1 Tbsp fresh; however some do not fit the rule like turmeric - so experimenting is key.
Thank you I have been experimenting like a mad scientist lol
Thanks, I have always used a lot of spices in cooking for the taste, now learning the health benefits of spices