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Jessica B.
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Hi All,

My husband and I just got our Nutribullet on Monday.  We LOVE the smoothies.  Luckily we've been eating a very wide array of produce for a long time, including some stage 3 stuff like raw kale.  I think that helped our pallets handle the smoothies.  But that said, I'm still surprised that they taste so good!  I've replaced part of my breakfast and 2 of my snacks with blasts.  I can't wait to see how I feel in a month.

My question is about the use of spirulina.  I've heard it's an excellent source of protein and has energy-boosting properties.  I haven't seen any recipes on the Nutri sites using this.  Has anyone tried this before?  How has it worked for you?  What combinations have you used it with?

Thanks for the help!



I use Spirulina in my blasts. I learned about the health benefits of Spirulina on the Food Matters DVD featuring David Wolfe. I trust anything & everything David says so I purchased it. It has a "different" taste - so when I use it in a blast, I usually accompany it with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder. I am drinking so many blasts and have started exercising again so it's hard to attribute what is making me feel so good - I just know that I am. Happy Blastin'
I use spirulina. It has a strong taste. Here is one of my favorite recipes: 1 banana 1/2c frozen berries Kale to fill line 1tbsp Spirulina powder 1tbsp flax seeds 2tbsp PB2 1scoop chocolate protein powder Fill to line with water. SERIOUSLY delicious, filling, and nutrient packed!
Thanks for the input Lori and Dmunny. I think my husband will like the PB recipe in particular (oh, and Dmunny - he asked if you're making "mad stacks?" - he thinks he's funny). Now I'm nervous about trying spirulina (I ordered it and it hasn't arrived yet). I've read a lot in the last week about the taste . . . we'll see! I'm so excited about having this tool. It's not even lunchtime and I've had: collards, spring mix, beet, pear, grapes, pineapple, walnut, edamame, and banana! Oh, and I throw green tea in my blasts too. How awesome is this?
Haha! It's my rap name! ;) This morning I had pineapple, kale, blackberries, flax seeds, barley grass powder, and protein! Right now I'm drinking banana, blueberry, TONS of spinach, pb2, and chocolate protein- mmm like dessert! I love love love this nutribullet