Start Clean in '13!

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Krista Haynes
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Worried about holiday indulgences affecting your health goals? Well, fear no more... join us starting January 7th for our 2013 NutriLiving Kick Off Cleanse. You and your fellow NutriBlasters will embark on 7 glorious days filled with detoxifying NutriBlasts and light, refreshing meals. Whether you're looking to drop a few pounds, get back on track with your healthy eating goals, or want to get a jump start on your New Years resolution, this group cleanse is going to be a BLAST! You’ll have me (Krista) to help every step of the way – plus you’ll have each other (24/7) to share stories, goals, recipes and to keep each other motivated. Stay tuned for more details to come. Meanwhile, let us know what your health goals are for the coming year and what you'd like to gain from this experience!  

I'm in!!! Can't wait to hear the details. :)
Count me in :)
So glad it includes meals! Not sure I could do an entirely NB-based cleanse.. definitely interested... :)
I'm in. I too am looking forward to the details.
This sounds exciting! Woo! :-)
Great to see we have some excited folks before it is even announced :) I'm looking forward to it! Have a wonderful Holiday and we'll be right here ready to get you back on track in the New Year!!! Check out the "Start Clean in '13!" Forum Post for an update and listen to David Wolfe here:
Sounds great would be great to get shopping list to be sure I have all ingredients!
There will be! Keep checking in! :)
Sounds great. Looking forward to trying it.
YEAH! Got my Nutribullet yesterday and Can't wait to start. This will be the perfect time post holiday. I agree, I would love a shopping list ahead of time to stock up on the necessary ingredients. If I find out the day of, i wont be able to play along because I live in a very rural area. The Grocers around here think frozen french fries are a serving of vegetables....
I'm ready! My sister did a 30I'm ready! My sister did a 30 day juice cleanse last August before a visit out/holiday etc. (another machine but after researching I decided the nutribullet was for me) My girlfriend who hadn't seen her in years since her last visit thought she looked younger! It wasn't just the 20lbs she lost but how great her skin looked.
I was so excited to get my nutribullet for Christmas. I consider it a love gift. In my efforts to better serve God, and live a healthier lifestyle, I quit smoking about 7 months ago. I smoked cigarettes for 40 years. I am going to live the rest of my life as healthy as possible. This will be a great way to continue cleansing my temple. I am ready to do this!
Sounds like you are making some positive choices for your health! Congratulations on being smoke-free. We are so glad you've joined us!
I assure you, there will be no frozen French fries :) We'll have the list, recipes and plan posted by the end of next week to give you the weekend to stock up and get prepared before the 7th! Be sure to check back then to download the info. So glad you've decided to join us!
I am in! I'm looking forward to hearing more.
Sounds great...can't wait to try.
Welcome Raulrenteria! We'll have more info up in plenty of time for you to do your shopping! Be sure to check back in mid-week next week for the recipes, plan, and shopping lists. Be sure to check out the "Start Clean in '13" post for the basics:’13 Happy New Year :)
Sounds great! Great for accountability. Had my very first Nutriblast today. Loved it! I am loving all that I am reading, learning so much.
Thanks Krista, I read the "Start Clean in 13" post, I'm dialed in and ready to go!
Count me in! Just got my NutriBullet for Christmas and looking forward feeling better and hopefully dropping the last 25lbs i need to lose!
Have you experimented with any recipes yet? If so what are some of your favorites?
What recipe did you make? I love learning about new recipes!
Received my NB today...looking forward to getting on track and lose a few lbs in the right place!!! Although I am not overweight, I want to lose a few lbs and get back to physical fitness as much as I can. Want to get into all the blasts and try and cleanse my body. Hope to change some bad habits and have a more natural diet...Good Luck to everyone!
I'm in. I've been nutriblasting for almost a month now come Monday. Life changing no more cooking
I'm in! I already know what I need to eat but never knew what to do with the stuff or didn't care for the taste. Nutribullet solves all those problems and I can feel myself detoxing already... Went shopping today for all the organic produce I could find, no cookies or bread :P this nutribullet is the BOMB!
I'm in! Going to start early to have one drink a day, minimum. Hoping to feel really good in two weeks!
I am so in! Still waiting on the grocery list! Good luck to you all! Fresh start!
I'm in! I can't wait to continue my nutriblast journey in 2013.
I'm in. Awaiting a grocery list of the ingredients. I'm looking forward to it!
I'm In, Can't wait!!
Can't wait until I can see the recipes and go shopping.
I'm ready to cleanse
2013 is going to be my health year! I'm going to kick Diabetes II by eating healthy, loosing weight and moving my butt off the couch!
I'm in too, i want to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure and lose weight.
Purchased my Nurtribullet today! Can't wait to feel and look healthy!
I'm in! Really looking forward to it!
It's going to be a pleasure being with this group of nutriblasters. Good luck to everyone. I am so excited and ready. Compared to quitting smoking, this should be a tasty breeze.
Count me in!!
The Shopping List is ready!! Download it here: The plans are coming shortly... Are you leaning toward the Basic Cleanse or the Super Cleanse?
Not sure if I can handle the super cleanse. I'm totally ready to start 2013 healthier and get rid of some of the meds I'm on for BP and diabetes. Also I need to get moving, I'm taking down the Christmas tree and bringing in a stationary bike.
Can I make the 2nd blast when I drink the 1st in order to take to work with me for lunch? Will I be losing nutritional benefits of the 2nd by having to store it for approximately 5 hours?
I'm in! Can't wait..
While it does slowly lose nutrients, that short of a time (especially when stored properly out of heat/light/air) should not pose any problem. In addition, the antioxidants found in the ingredients help retain the beneficial components of the Blast and ward off oxidation :) So happy you've decided to join us. Happy Blasting!
me three!!
Hey Jeff! Be on the lookout for the next group cleanse! If you would like the plan from this one, check out the Basic ( and the Super Cleanse ( Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to roam around this forum to see what others were thinking/doing and how they felt!