Stopped working

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Misty S.
Joined: 8/23/2013

Good morning, 

While making my juice this morning, my nutrabullet shut off completely. I tried to start it again, and nothing happened. I just purchased it on 8/22/13. Can this be exchanged at store or do I need to do through your company? 

If you let it run over 1 minute, it may have overheated. In that case, it could take a few hours for the circuit in the base to reset.
Thanks Bob! I am happy to say, I tried it when I got home from work and it is working again :) Glad to know about the possible over heating. Thanks again
You have to limit the run time to 1 minute or less, which should be plenty of time to blast anything.
I normally do, but I was getting ready for work while it was running. lol. Thanks :)