storing your food

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Newbie here, was wondering if there is something on this site to tell you how to store your fruits and veggies?  Like what you can freeze and how to do it, what should be refrigerated, what should not be refrigerated, etc.... or if not on this site maybe another site I can go to.  I find that my friuts and veggies go bad before I use them all.  So just want to know a good way to store and keep good and nutrition for a 3-4 days.  Also like on citrus do you need to remove seeds or ok to but in NB?

Thanks so much for all youe help

This site is great!!


Thank you so much Krista! This is very good info to have on hand :)
Krista Haynes wrote: Here are a few helpful links!
I think the lady that did storage thing did a good thing. I commend her. Even though their may be unintentional misgivings, I think she did a great job. However Nutriliving employees :-) Can you update that list or produce an updated one? thank you...M