Storing NutriBlast in Frig

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Linda S.
Joined: 12/27/2012

I just received my NutriBullet for Christmas and am trying to figure out a few things:


1.  Once you make a Nutriblast, do you need to drink the entire blast? 

2.  How long can you store in the Frig once you've made it?  Can it keep overnight?


I always try and drink the entire blast as soon as possible to make sure I get all of the nutrients into my body in the freshest possible state. I have heard that if you don't drink it within a 45 minute period after blending, it tends to not be as "nutritionally powerful" because the enzymes die. Perhaps one of the nutritionists in this forum can add to this conversation!
The shorter time between Blasting and consuming the better! Be mindful of three elements...heat/light/and air. If you control to reduce these, then it will last much longer. I'd recommend not leaving it for more than a day in the fridge. If you plan to make it more in advance, try freezing it and then thawing out prior to consuming. We have this answer and many more on our FAQ page here: