Strange question about my 1 day old Nutribullet.

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Mark O.
Joined: 12/26/2013

I just received my Nutribullet yesterday afternoon and have a concern.

I have made 3 x 24oz. Nutriblasts since receiving my Nutribullet.

All with a Kale/Spinach mix, and a mixture of cucumber, carrot, stawberries, pear, apple, fill to the max line with almond milk, and a 1/4 scoop of my favorite protien powder.   I have been very mindful of not overfilling the Nutribullet and I have not used any frozen ingredients for these first few attempts.

When the unit is running I can smell a faint like burning but not, like the smell of rubber.   I have felt the unit and it doesn't feel hot, I inspected it after every use and all the plastic and rubber pieces appear to be fine (no chips, cracks, etc.).   I am concerned it is the electric motor heating up abnormally.  I am hoping it's only because it's brand new and this will disappear after a few uses.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?  Suggestions from the staff?

This is normal for some new machines and should go away after a couple uses. If it continues, then contact customer service at 855-346-8874.