Sunshine smoothie

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yasi s.
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Hello healthy people!


I'm having a smoothie with


1/2 Tall cup red leaf lettuce

Chunk of chiogga beet 

1 new carrot (small & crisp)

1/2 a "juicer" orange

2 tablespoons cooked quinoa

10 walnut halves

chia seeds

fill to the max line with green tea


Yummy & filing

Sounds good! Can you explain what a chiogga beet is? I've not heard of that :)
It's a type of heirloom beet, originally named from the town in Italy where they originated. for a nice picture of them: they're popular in Northern Cali to use in small plates, locavore type establishments. It's a good beet for people who don't LOVE beets (yes, I know you're out there!) to try because they're less "earthy" tasting. I'm very lucky to live in NorCal -- we have so much amazing produce here, locally grown and mostly organic.
Those look amazing yasiss! Thank you for introducing them to us. I'll have to see if we can get them in Southern California too.