Superfood Superboost freshness

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Cathy E.
Joined: 7/16/2014

Just received my NB package in the mail the packet of Superfood Superboost has an MFG date of 07/02/14....does anyone know if that is the expiration date or the date it was made?   Also does it neeed to be refrigerated once opened?  And how long does it last before it goes bad?  Thanks newbie here so would appreciate the assist

That is the date it was manufactured so looks like that is a fresh batch!! These foods if stored properly should last up to 2 years. Keep it sealed and in a cool, dry place. It won't hurt to keep it in the fridge and may make it last a bit longer, however it is not necessary. Enjoy :)
DebbieDickson wrote: I just received my bullet and superboost and am ecxited to get started. My question is I've just been diagnosed with celiac disease and I see a warning that the superboost is made in a facility that processes wheat and I don't see any labeling to denote that it's gluten free, can you clarify this for me?
The SuperBoost is made with gluten-free ingredients, however it has not been certified Gluten-free so we cannot guarantee there was not any cross contamination with gluten-containing ingredients at the packaging facility.