surfers easy meal

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Lisa joy .
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HI Ljoysgalaxy joie here I could not eat and go surf without feeling like purging in the ocean. If i didn't eat I would tire and get hungry. I need to be able to make shakes from a machine that were yummy, fast and easy to clean up for me and my family we could surf more. I decided to return another larger blender a kitchen-aid which I did not use - because of its heavy cumbersome size and counter zapping space eating design...for this magic nutri bullet and boy I am in love with it. It looks great and is small enough not to take up the whole counter space and it does work. ... I already eat well, and workout and stay in shape but THIS just adds minutes to my day because of its ease of use saving time !! The best shake I made so far for taste is hands down my cocoa crunch. fat free milk ice 100%cocoa chocolate celery (which by the way is very hydrating way more than water and has potassium ) sweet and low with cereal flakes sprinkled on top ... It may not be the MOST healthy but I am learning and I really do think this is a great product!!!! I can not tell you how much this will do for my endurance, as It has been a bit cold here in North Florida but I will post back on that later .