Targetting Specific Health Concerns

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Pamela T.
Joined: 3/07/2014

I am just wondering if I want to use Nutriblasting for specific issues (let's say, for inflammation), should I be making each blast that I consume per day to specifically target this issue? And if so, how long would I follow this?  More importantly, if there is more than one health concern to be dealt with, is it better to treat one at a time, or mix it up and target as many as possible?  I have a number of health concerns that I am hoping will be corrected or at least improved by eating plant based foods using the Nutriblast, but I am unsure as to the best way to go about it.  Thank you for your help.

Hutzpah, I think you will find in the recipes in the book for specific issues many of the same ingredients may be used for several different issues. Really by using a variety of the foods you find in the specific recipes you can cross target many of the issues. I would have two blast a day with very anti-inflammatory foods and superfoods. Let us know how you are doing Healthy wishes wally Bishop C.N.C.