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Sheryl P.
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Help!  I just made my first NutriBullet and it tastes nasty.  I followed the Nature's Candy rececipe thinking it would be the best tasting to start with.  I used Butterhead lettuce, 1 pear, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 banana, 1/2 tsp of the Superfoods powder and water. I left out the apple and full amounts of some fruits because the glass was getting very full.  It came very brown, kinda thick and does not taste good.  Could it be the lettuce since I"m not used to drinks with lettuce included, the superfoods powder or both?

Thank you!


I would say the powder. Maybe just start with good stuff and work your way up. My wife just does a fresh banana fresh strawberries I use three big ones and two small packs of sweet n low I know but you got to start some where. And some water. She is a picky eater. Anything good for you isn't always the best tasting. Thank the big food company's for that all the msg and chemicals they engineer that drug like addiction in to you. Break free good luck.
Thanks JD. I'll try to isolate the two possibilities and go from there. Also maybe more fruit, less veggies in the mix to start as you suggest. Take care.
I used the Superfood a couple of times, didn't like the taste, and never used it again. Try it without it and see if you like it better.
CBob and JD - Round 2: I created my own recipe using less foods, more liquids, yogurt, ice and just a little bit of the powder. It tastes awesome! And a beautiful color! Yeah!! Thanks for the support.
Try using coconut water as your liquid with the recipe you posted. That will make it taste amazing!