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Joseph P.
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This year I have had a few bouts with tendonitis.  Earlier in the year, my knees and recently the achilles tendon itself.  I was wondering if anyone here has dealt with this issue before, and if so can offer techniques for alleviating symptoms quickly and prevention in the future.  Nutribullet recipes addressing this would be wonderful!

Anytime you hear a word ending in -itis, think of INFLAMMATION. The first thing you should do is reduce/omit inflammation causing foods like refined sugars and carbs, alcohol, dairy, gluten (if sensitive), red and processed meats, trans fats, and sometimes individuals are sensitive to nightshade veggies (eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers). That being said, introduce anti-inflammatory foods like: - turmeric - ginger - omega-3 fatty acids (walnuts, avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, wild cold water fish) - Flavonoid-rich fruits and veggies such as spinach, blueberries, cherries, citrus fruits, parsley, green tea, and cacao are known to reduce inflammation. - foods rich in bromelain (papaya and pineapple) Check out the Natural Healing Foods book anti-inflammatory blast section for some recipes. Hope that helps! -NB RD
I see that a lot of my diet is from the inflammation list! I didn't know about those nightshade vegetables. I will concentrate more on the foods for blasts you mentioned were anti-inflammatory. Thank you very much Krista for all of your help.
My pleasure Joseph! Let me know how you feel after trying these new foods.
Thanks Krista I got my NB Thanks Krista I got my NB today and I was born with a short achilles tendon. I had surgrey on the tendon after 20 years my tendon bothers me but not as much. Will try the foods in my blasts
Can you eat the entire papaya, meaning cut it up into pieces and throw it all into the NB?
Remove the flesh from the rind. The seeds are fine to keep, but not necessary and are quite "peppery" tasting. Here's a handy chart to show you how to prep almost any NutriBlast ingredient. http://nutribulletblog.com/faq/peelingde-seeding/
I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in my ankle due to a sprain two years ago. Something I would recommend you try (aside from the Nutriblasts)is something called Penetrex. The jar that it comes in is way too small for the price, but I did find it to be effective in relieving my pain. It does not have that strong menthol smell of other products, and I believe it works on natural medicinal or homeopathic ingredients. I just finished my jar and am debating on whether to get another one.
Thank you Linda! I will look into that.