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Kathleen G.
Joined: 3/15/2013

i can truly say i'm thankful for watching your nutribullet infomercial back in our many of my family & friends and customers on my mail route.Have talked  many people into buying them but my funniest is for thanksgiving i made a few different nutriblast with a holiday theme for people to try after trying them and because i'm a coupon collector 4 people took the 20% for BBB to buy them but one guy came by today ask for 3 more he is buying and sending to his family for christmas..thought you would enjoy hearing this..even with blade issues etc i love the wonderful changes this has made in my life and i tell people they may have issues but they can exchange unit or contact customer service about bmost thank you again..i'm hoping to buy the 900 with my tax return next year because i use my 600 2 to 4 times or more daily sometimes as i make them for many others in my cancer support group with the bigger cup i can make more..Happy Holidays to you all...Kathy Garvey

Thanks so much, Kat!