traveling with the bullet

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Kaaren M.
Joined: 12/07/2012

I'm going on vacation in Jan.  we are flying--any suggestions on how to pack bullet in my suitcase?

I'd suggest rolling it up in some of your clothes and making sure it is tightly secure in your suitcase. I have not traveled with mine, but many fans on our Facebook page have said that they have brought it along with them in a carry-on bag. Some airports allow it thru security and others may not. I'd call ahead and see if your departing and arriving airports will honor this. So glad you are not letting travels derail you from eating healthy! Have a safe trip.
U can buy the carry case...I just ordered it, its $ 13.91 w/tax its black a tote case made for it.. its neat looking
I throw it in my carry on bag all the time. Haven't been stopped yet. :)
Don't take it on the carry on. TSA will not allow any type of blade to be taken onboard of the airplane, it has to go inside the registered luggage. There is a high possibility that you will be forced to leave your Nutribullet at the security point or at least your blades.
I have seen the carry case in person, and it works great! :)
I'd like to purchase the carry case that holds the bullet and cups, but I no longer see it in the store or in the accessories section. Is it still available?
We've redesigned it. It should be back up in the store soon!