Tried NutriBullet first time!

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Wendy A.
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I bought this for myself for my birthday this week. I am excited about eating healthier. I work out 3 x a week but being a nurse (with terrible shifts,) I find myself reaching for something quickly to eat. Not necessarily nutritious. I am not looking to lose but just be more aware of what I am eating. My husband can lose 20 pounds and I hope I can positively influence him as well.  I hope to find some weight loss recipes as I learn to navigate around this site.  Quick question, I put almonds in my smoothie. I blasted for about a minute yet there are some tiny pieces still in the smoothie. I suppose give it another minute??

Nice to meet all of you!!


On my second time around I found that I wasn't blasting the needed full minute. Also realized that the mulling blade that I was looking for must not come with the 900 Pro.
Hi, The milling blade doesHi, The milling blade does not come with the NutriBullet Pro 900 series. You can blast your ingredients for up to one minute. If you find it is not the consistency that you wish, you can blast for up to another minute. Please be careful not to blast for more than sixty seconds at a time. Happy Blasting!
I bought the Bullet yesterday because I need something new! Although, I think I've been eating healthy, for the most part, I indulge in too many salty snacks! That's my weakness, not sweet, salty and crunchy! I'm hoping to lower my cholesterol by my next doctor's appointment in August, lose about 10 pounds by summer, and, generally, feel and look younger and healthier! I had my first NutriBlast today for lunch, and, surprisingly, it was yummy! No ill effects, so I plan on having one each day, perhaps two; one to get started in the morning and one to end the night. I'm a teacher, and stress is a big part of my day. Perhaps taking the Bullet to school and making a blast for lunch would help, too! I'm ready to be healthy!!!!
Hi Susan, We are glad youHi Susan, We are glad you are enjoying it. Happy Blasting!
I blast the nuts first with the regular blade. I find it works just as well as the milling blade.