Tumeric & Ginger Root

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Patrick T.
Joined: 1/13/2014

Has anyone tried using the root instead of powder?  I'm concerned the machine is not heavy enough to grind the root.

I've used ginger root and it works without a problem, I wouldn't be concerned even if I try ginger root and turmeric root at the same time.
I find that the root shreds and I find little hairs in my blasts. So I use the powder.
I do liker fresh ginger but i do not like the fiber that remain in the blast. I usually blast ginger separately in the small cup with a little water and then strain it over my usual blast. I have not try powder yet. It is probably an easier option , however I do not know if it has the exact same benefits than the fresh root.
I love ginger and use the root. I try to mince up the ginger root before i blast so its not as "hairy". Have not tried tumeric root yet, just powder.